Lemon Loaf Cake…finally

The TWD (Tuesdays with Dorie) group had this slotted for baking on April 17th, and as you can see I am a bit behind.  Life is like that, you think keeping up with the baking schedule is no problem and then… well, I was able to catch up this afternoon, and early evening.  The ingredients for this recipe are simple, aside from the cake flour I had what I needed on hand.  As baking goes, this was quite easy to put together.  Next time I would probably use a metal pan, I used a glass loaf pan and the edges of the cake were done before the middle.  I had to bake longer to get the middle done, in the end I turned the oven down a bit.  The result was a wonderful looking, and tasting “Lemon Loaf Cake”.  Using a serrated knife to slice thin, I then toasted a piece and put a bit of butter on it.  It was a lovely tasting treat which complemented our chicken breast with broccoli dinner.  The lemons came in handy to make a lemon, butter, almond sauce to put over the broccoli.  A great ending to a great weekend…


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