Chocolate Truffle Tartlets from BAKING with JULIA

It’s Tuesday, and another session of baking as part of the TWD “Tuesdays with Dorie” group.  I prepared the tart crusts this past weekend, and froze them until last night.  Followed the recipe and took the dough out of the freezer last night, put it into the frig. overnight.  The crusts came together nicely, and rolled out great as you’ll see from my photos.  My 6 little tart pans are like new, even though I’ve had them for years I think I’ve only used them once before.  The chocolate truffle filling was fun to put together.  I wasn’t sure that I beat the egg yolks and vanilla long enough.  Finally mixed the chocolate in and, no big surprise… I licked the spatula clean.  By the looks of my tarts, I should have chopped the chunks of chocolate smaller, and broken the biscotti into smaller pieces as well.  The end result is a bit less smooth than pictured in the original recipe.  Waiting for them to cool before doing a final taste test.  The suspense is killing me….

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