White Loaves

It’s official… My first experience making home made bread.  When I say home made, I mean from SCRATCH.

In January, I happened across a blog named TWD (Tuesdays with Dorie).  As I read more I learned that a group of women were starting a new baking  journey in February.  What drew me in was the cook book they had chosen to bake from… “Baking with Julia”, this lovely book has been in my cooking library for many years and rarely if ever touched.  And so my story begins:

We are a group of over 300 women, bakers spanning across most states making up the USA , and outside the US including Australia, Netherlands, South Africa, Taiwan, Canada, Philippines, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany, England, Austria, and India!  Our youngest baker (that I know of) is nine.

We’ll be baking two different recipes a month.  Best of all, you can follow along and join in my fun as I share my photo journals of each experience.

Bon Appetit!


8 thoughts on “White Loaves

    • My mixer is “Persimmon”, a deep orange (which is my favorite color) and I absolutely LOVE it. Besides, it was marked down / on sale. A real deal to be sure.

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